All shallow roots must be uprooted, because they are not deep enough to sustain you.
— A Course in Miracles

Hey there wild things,

My own daily routines and regimens turn into self-care rituals when I understand what I'm using on my body and in my home – ingredients, their purity, and how it's made. That awareness turns something mundane into something meaningful.

And as I simplify my own life (including skincare!), go inward and slow down, the quality of what I want around me rises, as well. This is especially true for my skincare, makeup, body, hair and wellness products – the things I use on a daily basis.

This high level of quality comes from maintaining the integrity of the plants and the earth, transparency in sourcing, and knowing the intention of the maker, which is all infused into their creation. All of that energy and effectiveness is then transferred to us, and that feels like love to me. And I believe that self-care and self-love go hand-in-hand. 

Being a skincare junkie, passionate about plant-based ingredients and indie beauty brands, I love connecting people to these high quality products to enrich their own daily self-care rituals. Come by and say hi! I would love to personalize a skincare, beauty or wellness ritual for you. 

Stay wild,

Holly Thorpe
owner + curator