We believe in sharing good things. We also believe that personal recommendations speak volumes + are so helpful when we may be in need of health or wellness services. Every week Wildcraft customers ask us for personal recommendations to area practitioners or services, so this listing began to help our customers!

THE CRITERIA: The listings below are ONLY here by one of two ways: 1) Wildcraft staff personally uses + recommends their services OR 2) Wildcraft customers highly recommend them + have shared their positive, personal experience with us. Meaning, this is obviously not an inclusive list; it will be updated as we hear good things!

*Please contact these businesses directly for appointments or to ask if new patients are being accepted at this time.

THE SMALL PRINT: These are not paid listings, for trade, nor can a businesses or practitioners request to be added. This is based on personal experience only. If you are listed below + prefer not be included, no problem! Just give us a shout + we'll gladly remove it.


Lisa Abernathy @ Blue Heron

Lauren Becker @ Blue Heron

Stone Chiropractic - Dr. Carrie Stone Great results with stubborn cervical spine issues

Ashlee Dixon @ Blue Heron
Integrative, deep tissue, Thai, prenatal

Brian Hoke @
Mandala Massage
Table massage,Thai, cupping

Libby Prim @ Blue Heron - Neurostructural Integration Technique + Bowenwork

Liz McNulty w/  Bowenwork Heals - Bowenwork

Amanda B. Cunningham @ Soul Yoga + Wellness - myofascial release/ Trigger-Point Therapy


Family Medicine
Dr. David Albenberg

Ariane Cometa is also good for more general practice/integrative MD/supplement focus...though she's only in town part-time and very pricey. But she's a wonderful lady and does good work!

Dr. Lynn Crymes, Lowcountry OBGYN, 843-571-1166
Elli Oakman, Roper
Dr. Gleaton
Toya Pound
Charleston Birth Center (midwives provide general gynecological care in addition to pregnancy/birthing care)


Sherri Jacobs

Functional Medicine Doctor: Caroline Smythe


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Life coaching/Spiritual counseling
Keith Sudano @ A New Course